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I LOVE me.tags! They are great for labeling all of our stuff...perfect for a mom with young kids.  I know if I lose something that it is labeled and will find it's way back to me. Plus, the tags are really cute!  Tons of ways to customize them and make them fun for all ages.  They are very durable and come in a variety of sizes, and make great gifts. 

Sarah Wilsey, San Francisco, California


    I have a few different kinds of me.tags.  I have the wine charms which I  love and guests always comment on!  As well as tags for sports equipment and I even tagged my horses!  Very durable, original and personable.

Karen Godsey,  Ashland, Virginia


We have loved our me·tags! They have been great for labeling everything from our tailgating equipment, to our kids’ lunch boxes. These bag tags are so unique because I get to create them any way that I want. We use them for birthday presents, teacher gifts, baby gifts, and even for pet tags. They can have so many looks; from “classy”, “sporty”, to “kid-cute”! That is what makes our me·tags so great! We love the company’s saying: “tag it!” 

The Bray Family,  Tampa, Florida

    I love these well designed, just-the-right-size, fun ID tags.  They are circles of art with multiple uses.  I haven’t seen anything like them, so they make great gifts!

Joan Dennehy, Seattle, Washington

    I have been a very happy customer of me tag for a few years now. I just love their bag tags, and pet tags! The bag tag is a fun, pretty way to label my two daughters backpacks, lunch boxes, DS cases, and more! The pet tags are also one of my favorites because I can ID my pets without the tags clinging like the traditional dog tag does. I can also pick the color of my pet tag to match their collars! I just love my me.tags! 

Kelly Sullivan,  Lutz, Florida

    I am very pleased with the service and quality of the me.tag that I received. I ordered a pet id tag for my new puppy -  My dog was very excited to get his new "jewelry". I have me.tags on everything!  I have a super cute one on my keychain and each one of my kids have one on their back pack.  My son has a great non-girly one for his band case too.  These id tags are the perfect size and have just the right amount of information needed.  There are so many color choices and the turnaround is VERY fast!

Kimberly Fletcher,  Knoxville, Tennessee

    I am very excited to order new me.tags! I love tagging my kids items because they are easier to keep track of and won't get lost. me.tags are very cute and efficient and affordable! 

Gretchen Bertani , Columbus, Ohio

    I just love these id tags! I put these bag tags on everything, including my luggage, work bag, diaper bag, coolers, and backpacks.  The dog tags are also great and adorable as well. These id tags are brilliant and great gifts!  

Lee Campbell,  Atlanta, Georgia

    These tags are perfect for personalized gifts! I got one for each of the girls on my daughter's softball team for their bat bags.  The girls all treasure them and keep them as a reminder of that great season together.  I also use the tags for my dog and my kids' backpacks for school.  There is no limit to the amount of uses for them!  I highly recommend these adorable and unique bag and pet tags.

 • Jessica Kenfield,  Johns Creek,  Georgia

I was introduced to me-tags a couple of years ago through a friend and I'm totally addicted to them now! They are an easy way to label your children's or your own belongings. Anything from keys to a special stuffed animal. I have them on my kids' backpacks, lunch boxes, camera cases, ds cases, stuffed animals, and piano bags. I use mine for my keys and gym bag. Not only are the tags adorable with the great selection of colors and fonts, I've always received excellent customer service with a quick turn around. me.tags rock :) 

 • Wendy Santore, Tampa, Florida

As a southern girl who loves her monogram, me.tags are the perfect compliment to any luggage or other bags. They give me the peace of mind of knowing my important contact info is on my belongings while providing the monogrammed flair I love.

 • Robin Willey,  Alpharetta, Georgia

From a nursery to a nursing home, me.tags cannot be beat to personalize your "stuff".  The best part is the many choices of color, style, font, and patterns. You can really design exactly what you need.  Plus, they are extremely durable, as well!

 • Nancy Lazcano,  Lutz, Florida

There's nothing quite like me.tags out there - they are cool enough to discreetly tag the men in your life as well as cutesy and preppy for all the girls...the design is simply up to you. Will order again for sure!

​  • Molly Dennehy,  Sarasota, Florida